Vice President Embedded Software


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A Little About Us

Arad Group’s mission is to help conserve water. Surface water runoff, groundwater and snow provide most of the water supply on Earth and they are all threatened by overdevelopment, pollution and global warming. Providing an end-to-end IoT and Cloud-based solution for smart cities, Arad Group is a world leader in water management and measurement solutions.

Established in 1941, Arad is a group of seven companies employing more than 1,500 employees worldwide. Each year, Arad invests more than $25 million in research and development. Arad Technologies is the research and development center of the Arad Group. At Arad Technologies, we develop the next generation of Arad’s products manufactured and sold by our sister companies across the globe

Responsibilities and Scope

  • Setting the strategy, priorities, direction, and capabilities requirements for the embedded software space.
  • Identify market dynamics and needs and provide opportunities for growth and share gains through embedded software functionality, including by leveraging standard bodies and external partnerships.
  • Ensures a unified approach to embedded software to create a global team that collaborates to deliver on Arad Group goals through an architecture that supports current and future needs of products and research and technology needs.
  • Assures consistency and interoperability across firmware deliverables across products and technologies by leveraging architectural thinking, reusing design and code, and deploying test and tool environments more efficiently.
  • Develop products as set forth in the product plan that exceed customer expectations, continuously improve quality, and reduce the cost to develop, build and service.
  • Support the delivery of new technologies in a timely manner ahead of product development to de-risk product delivery and ensure continuous innovation. Drive proactive sustaining activity and prompt CAPA resolution.


The Successful Candidate Will Be

  • Seasoned people leader with experience in managing people managers.
  • Ready to deliver through scaled agile processes interfacing with hardware and Radio teams driving multiple projects on various time horizons.
  • Interested in and capable of maintaining a broad understanding of engineering technical disciplines (hardware, software, and communications), as well as product and technology knowledge
  • A team player that has strong opinions and provides a pleasant working environment.

Relevant Experience

  • At least 12 years of experience, including 3 years of experience leading software development teams.
  • Having worked in a multidisciplinary organization using scaled agile processes and coordinating multiple projects over a variety of timeframes.
  • Experience in managing outsourced design partners and remote teams in a Research and Development environment.


Additional Job Information
In Arad Technologies, we value and welcome the unique contributions, perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of our employees, and strive to create a culture that celebrates and leverages these differences, enabling our people to realize their full potential and creating a sense of belonging. We provide flexible working arrangements, and we are aware that flexibility is not the same for everyone. We’re open to a conversation about what flexibility means for you.

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Rotem Gazit


Rotem Gazit has been the CEO  of Arad Technologies since September 2020.

Rotem joined Arad Technologies in 2019 as VP of R&D. Prior to Arad Technologies, Rotem held a number of R&D senior management positions in High Tech companies in Israel and in Canada.

Rotem holds a BSc degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and MBA from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at the Technion University, Haifa.